The Private Company Governance Summit 2019

The Visionary Private Company Board

How private companies and family-owned businesses can best leverage their board to drive growth, unearth blind spots and take the business to the next level.

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Registration will open soon.  If you'd like to pre-reserve a space, please email Diane McCollum, Senior Events Manager, at


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Main Sessions

Director Compensation
An overview of Private Company Director's new national private board compensation survey findings, and input from companies that pay directors well for their contributions. What’s considered a fair fee? Has comp for private company directors gotten more competitive? How do you decide what’s the right pay for you company?
• Getting hard numbers and advice on how to attract the top directors with the right pay and beyond.
The Board’s Role in Moving the Company (Vision) Forward
How can a board help the owners make hard decisions (such as closing a plant or parting ways with a longtime manager or family member)? What types of board discussions lead to strategic progress? What questions can independent directors ask to help the chairman or CEO overcome blind spots?
• Sample questions independent directors ask a chairman to get at the tough issues
• Best practices for board discussions that get to the heart of an issue vs. talking around it
• Process for follow-up to ensure these tough issues are addressed between board meetings
Improving Shareholder Relations
A board can help the CEO improve structures, systems and processes that in turn reduce strife in the family or ownership group. How, exactly, does that work? What are the lines a board shouldn’t cross? What can independent directors do to foster shareholder harmony that insiders can’t do? What are the most effective types of shareholder communications?
• Independent directors can reinforce boundaries between board and family/owners’ council matters
• Independent directors can take the heat off the chairman/CEO by vetting tough decisions 
• Frequent communication is key to improved shareholder relations
The Recipe for a Great Board Meeting
What are the right ingredients for a board meeting that results in progress at the company and leaves all participants feeling satisfied? What’s the secret sauce? What materials should be sent in advance — and how far in advance should they be sent? What’s the right order for the agenda items? What must occur at every meeting? How many breaks should be included? What should occur during committee reports and in the executive session?
• Best practices for developing a board binder
• Most important items at the top of the board agenda
• Best practices for committee reports and exec session
• Tips on number of breaks, dinner the night before, opening the meeting to family observers
An Inside Look at Board Recruitment
This session will offer tips on working with search firms, interviewing prospective directors and setting board compensation. How do you separate the candidates who can truly help you from those whose primary goal is to raise their own profile? What qualities should you look for in a director, and what questions should you ask to determine if a candidate has those qualities? Where’s the fine line between a highly sought-after director and one who’s “overboarded”?
• List of tips for working with a search firm
• List of questions to identify top candidates from self-promoters
• Red flags indicating that a director doesn’t really have time for your board

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Registration will open soon.  If you'd like to pre-reserve a space, please email Diane McCollum, Senior Events Manager, at


Conference Hotel

Located in Washington’s fashionable West End and adjacent to historic Georgetown, the newly renovated Fairmont Washington, D.C. welcomes guests in capital style. With a sunlit urban courtyard that soothes the spirit, the Fairmont is the perfect hotel for business or leisure travel. Fairmont Washington, D.C., Georgetown is known for its engaging service and stylish surroundings. 


About Conference

Directors & Boards, Family Business Magazine and Private Company Director invite owners, shareholders and board members of privately-held companies to the Private Company Governance Summit 2019, June 5-7, 2019, at the Fairmont Washington D.C., Georgetown.
The seventh annual Private Company Governance Summit is the only national conference focused exclusively on the unique governance challenges of privately-owned businesses, including closely-held companies, family-owned companies and private equity-owned companies.
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