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2019 Private Board Compensation and Governance Survey Results for Participants

Sat, April 3, 2021


Thank you for participating in this important survey, which was conducted by Private Company Director, Family Business Magazine and Compensation Advisory Partners.

614 usable responses were received (out of more than 750 total respondents). To be usable, a response needed to be at least 75% complete, non-duplicated by other respondents, and contain data in the proper formats.

As a benefit of completing the survey with usable data, you are receiving access to a complete report of the results, in pdf format. The first 11 pages of this report contain general data that will be published in various forms for the use of all private company owners, shareholders and board members.

From page 12 onward, you will see data only available to survey respondents.

This data includes the detailed survey results from all respondents, as well as a variety of data cuts that can help you look at the results by:

  • Revenues
  • Board Type
  • Company Ownership
  • Corporation Type
  • Industry
  • US Company-only results

We are only presenting data in these cuts where we had enough respondents to make the summary useful. For example, there are only three industry cuts (Manufacturing, Finance and Insurance and Retail Trade). While we had respondents from many industries, we did not feel those results were projectable.

It is our hope to repeat this survey next year, and build the database to above 1,000 usable responses, which will allow us to create broader and deeper looks at the data.

If you have questions about the report and its data, please contact David Shaw at, or Bonnie Schindler at

Use of this Data

Because this survey was developed on a “you give and you get” model, with confidentiality of individual responses guaranteed by MLR Media, we want to ensure that this report is only available to those who successfully provided data.

In order for you to download this report, you will need to agree to the following:

  • The aggregate data and analysis is the property of MLR Media (publishers of Private Company Director and Family Business Magazine) and Compensation Advisory Partners, and is copyrighted.
  • This report, and its data and analysis, are for the personal use of the respondent, and may only be shared with owners, shareholders, board members, corporate secretaries and general counsel of the companies represented in the data.
  • This data may not be shared with any others, and may not be published online or in print, in part, in whole or in summary form, without the express permission of MLR Media.

If you agree to these terms, click the button below to proceed to your report download.

If you don’t agree to these terms, or have questions about them, please contact David Shaw at

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Copyright 2019, MLR Media and Compensation Advisory Partners

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