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A new Deloitte report sees directors increasingly focused on workplace issues and climate change.
Some of directors’ most impactful time is spent in interim meetings, one-off calls and dinners
A successful onboarding of the chief executive depends on communication, shareholder relationships and effective coaching.
This most important governance relationship is more complex for a private company.
Sometimes the easiest way to divine top boardroom concerns is to read the financial news. Or you can always ask your directors!
The process of letting the chief executive go is made easier when the directors keep the best interest of the company in mind.
To find a chief executive who is the perfect match for your company, you must start with a comprehensive pool of candidates, and a list of the right questions to ask them. 
An ideal dynamic between directors and executive leadership requires frank evaluation and overcoming obstacles to success.
There are business and financial advantages for private companies that adopt ESG reporting strategies.

The Role of the Private Company Board in Family Business Succession

One of the most important responsibilities of a board is to ensure a smooth CEO succession, whether the company is public or private. However, succession planning in a privately owned family business will have many unique considerations the board must consider.

As stewards of Seaman Corporation, an industrial fabrics business founded by my father, we have been part of three CEO successions.

Our Board Evolution: It's Never Too Soon to Start a Board

I joined the company that my father and grandfather started together in late 1996, when David S. Lapine Company, Inc., was 28 years old. My grandfather had retired and my father had sole ownership. In those days, I gave no thought about future ownership, nor did I ever consider the different challenges faced by a family-owned business compared to any other. After seven years, the family complexity had changed substantially during those seven years. Two other members of my generation — my brother and my cousin — joined me at the company.

FM Global

Submitted by pcd@dmin on Wed, 01/13/2021 - 15:23

FM Global is a mutual insurance company whose capital, scientific research capability and engineering expertise are solely dedicated to property risk management.

One Family's Road to IPO

Executives of any company that goes public will tell you the process leading up to the IPO is grueling. For family-controlled Vertex Inc., which began trading on Nasdaq July 29 under the ticker symbol VERX, the challenges were compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic.

One Door Inc.

Submitted by pcd@dmin on Fri, 01/08/2021 - 08:08

One Door is a provider of cloud-based visual merchandising software. With One Door, space planners, visual merchandisers and store operations teams work to plan, execute and analyze store merchandising plans in a unified, cloud-based platform.

Ribon Therapeutics

Submitted by pcd@dmin on Fri, 01/08/2021 - 08:08

Ribon Therapeutics is a clinical state biotechnology company developing therapeutics targeting novel enzyme families that contribute to disease. Their lead program is an inhibitor in development for the treatment of cancer.

Vor Biopharma

Submitted by pcd@dmin on Fri, 01/08/2021 - 08:08

Vor Biopharma is an oncology company pioneering engineered hematopoietic stem cell therapies  for the treatment of cancer. Vor's platform could be used to improve the treatment paradigm for patients with blood cancers such as acute myeloid leukemia.

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