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Board members must follow the same cybersecurity standards as employees.
Digital transformations boost efficiency and increase revenue.
Nonprofit service can prepare directors for private company boards.
The better the introduction, the sooner the board member can make meaningful contributions.
Orienting the right people to your board bolsters retention efforts.
Know board resources and ask the right questions.
Optimize the board's time to create shareholder value.
Knowing board strengths and weaknesses adds company value.
Seasoned marketing professionals make the difference in a competitive marketplace.

The Year of Climate Governance: There are real steps private company boards can take in a year that may be the tipping point for the environment.

This could be the year of reckoning for climate change as politicians, investors and stakeholders-at-large are pushing for big change.

As a key ESG issue, directors need to come up the learning curve and understand the terms used to describe climate commitment, including the implications as well as the definitions.

To make informed business decisions with both fellow board members and management, directors must understand the different costs and tradeoffs of various climate commitments and how climate issues apply to their industry.

The Importance of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion on Private Company Boards: Oversight and culture can steer board efforts.

As demographics in the United States become increasingly diverse, forward-thinking boards are determining ways to achieve more diversity of background, experience and thought in the boardroom. Although private companies may face less public scrutiny than their publicly held counterparts do, private company stakeholders — including employees, suppliers and customers — continue to demand attention to diversity, equity and inclusion to address both reputational and cultural risk for the company and its workforce.

Element Analytics Inc.

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Element Analytics powers digitally-enabled operations for the industrial enterprise. It breaks through the data silos by bringing IT and OT data and teams together for the first time on a single solution.

Future-Proofing the Business from the Board’s Perspective: Are you asking the right questions

After a challenging 2020, most companies’ leadership and boards are immersed in and fully occupied with the near-term performance of the business. At one end of the spectrum, there’s no tomorrow if there’s no today, so coming to grips with the effect of the pandemic and making the necessary moves to survive and emerge strong is paramount. At the other end of the spectrum, some companies are dealing operationally with unprecedented demand for their products and services — a high-class problem, but nonetheless a challenge.

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