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A lot of corporate leaders would like to sit on a board of directors.
When boards behave badly, it's usually difficult to detect.
In the spring of 2020, The Larry H.
Meghan Juday was appointed chairman of IDEAL Industries in February 2020.
For publicly traded companies, the board’s primary responsibility is often defined as the hiring and firing of the CEO.
When President Barack Obama asked Jeh Johnson to be the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Johnson wondered
Board members want to make a quick, positive impact.
If directors can be held liable for selling a company in a leveraged buyout that leads to bankruptcy, private equity firms


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Immersive Labs

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Immersive Labs provides metrics that give security leaders insight into human cyber skills and readiness levels across their organization. They empower organization to equip, exercise, and evidence human cyber capabilities.

The Evolution of Enterprise Governance Across Generations
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