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The SEC’s Hester Peirce addresses issues with the commission’s recent proposals.
In board meetings, be aware of who is responsible for what.
Honoring the dedication of talent is key to retention success.
Support the board by providing feedback and sharpening your listening skills.
The proper agenda is a must, but so is self-evaluation and diversity.
Just watch for conflicts of interest, and don’t meddle in the process.
Growth and talent are also major issues for private company boards. 
Winning a board position requires experience, brevity and an inviting smile.
Our new survey spotlights trends in director pay levels and offers insights into board compensation plan design.
Great board leadership means knowing your role, collaborating with management and more.

‘Cash is King’ for Private and Family Company Board Compensation

Board members at privately held and family-owned companies play an important role in governance and oversight and should be appropriately compensated for their contributions and efforts. A question we are asked all the time: What is the appropriate amount of compensation for these board members?

The Board’s Role in Moving from Survival to Thrival

The disruption to our personal lives and business world in 2020 is well known. What is less publicized is how boards of directors have addressed what they have faced in a positive, business-building way. It is now clear that if your traditional risk management and business recovery planning efforts did not anticipate major disruption, you were woefully inadequate in preparing for the COVID-19 pandemic.

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