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Outside board members benefit from proper onboarding, thorough information-sharing and a comprehensive defining of roles.
Successful directors need to combine specific technical skills with general leadership chops.
Disagreements between shareholders may not be governed by fiduciary duties but could be covered by insurance.
One's birthdate does not determine whether they possess the skills to help a company succeed.
What should boards focus on to help them get better at oversight?
Despite initial doubts, Field Fastener created a fiduciary board. The company quickly reaped the benefits. 
But when communicating with executives, make sure to listen and provide value. 
Know the items to assess and the best processes for determining their efficacy.
Twelve factors that can help boards think differently about diversity, strategic planning, succession and more.
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Board Evaluations: Content, Process and Board Dynamics

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Board Evaluations: Value, Types and Process

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Director Liability in the “Zone of Insolvency”

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Governance and the IPO

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The M&A Outlook for Private Companies

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How to Focus on Well-Being for Our Teams…and Ourselves

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The Model Board Meeting

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The Key Pillars of Effective Private Company Governance

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