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Plus, why trust is so important at a time when digital opportunities are rapidly evolving.
While employee and executive wages grow, director pay remains flat, but with a rise on the horizon.
Outside board members benefit from proper onboarding, thorough information-sharing and a comprehensive defining of roles.
Successful directors need to combine specific technical skills with general leadership chops.
Disagreements between shareholders may not be governed by fiduciary duties but could be covered by insurance.
One's birthdate does not determine whether they possess the skills to help a company succeed.
What should boards focus on to help them get better at oversight?
Despite initial doubts, Field Fastener created a fiduciary board. The company quickly reaped the benefits. 
But when communicating with executives, make sure to listen and provide value. 

Rocky Brands Inc.

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Rocky Brands designs, manufactures and markets a portfolio of footwear and apparel. Brands included are Rocky, Georgia Boot, Durango, Lehigh, NEOS and Ranger.


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SingleStore is dedicated to helping businesses adapt more quickly, embrace diverse data, and accelerate digital innovation by operationalizing all data through one platform 

Board Dysfunction: Who Is Ultimately Responsible?

We have all seen the data and research on how board diversity improves the bottom line. The message is clear: Take diversity seriously, make the necessary changes, and your company will thrive. Additionally, the PwC 2020 Corporate Governance Survey showed that 49% of directors believe that at least one director on their board needs to step down, and 21% say two directors need to go.

What will stay and what will go in private company governance after a tumultuous 2020?

After a year of crises and disruption, it might seem like a relief to close the books on 2020 and pretend the nightmares of a global pandemic, social unrest and economic upheaval never happened. Onward and upward, as they say.

However, this disruption is unmatched by any others that companies have seen in the post-9/11 world and undoubtedly will have a lasting impact on how business is done around the world, whether it’s where workers work or where — and how — boards operate.

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