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As part of the recent Private Company Governance Summit 2023 in
Black directors have formed an organization focusing on healthcare inequities in Black communities.
Eight private company boards will be honored at the 2023 Private Company Governance Summit.
Independent board directors offer experience, perspective and knowledge during a challenging economy.
A new Deloitte report sees directors increasingly focused on workplace issues and climate change.
Some of directors’ most impactful time is spent in interim meetings, one-off calls and dinners
A successful onboarding of the chief executive depends on communication, shareholder relationships and effective coaching.
This most important governance relationship is more complex for a private company.
Sometimes the easiest way to divine top boardroom concerns is to read the financial news. Or you can always ask your directors!

March 2015

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15 rules for directors on how to work with private company owners, new print edition of Private Company Director magazine (downloadable) and the Private Company Governance Summit 2015

You’ve Become One of Them

Fifteen rules for directors on how to work with owners

“You’ve become one of them.” That’s what a fellow Director (“MoneyGuy”) said to me after one of XYZ Company’s regular board meetings. MoneyGuy was from XYZ’s lead investor group and the majority shareholder. The ’them’ MoneyGuy was speaking about was XYZ’s management team. From his tone, I knew MoneyGuy wasn’t giving me a compliment; I was being admonished because I ‘sided with management’ about a particular matter that was pivotal to the future of the company.

Deloitte's Private Company Issues and Opportunities 2015 Report

​From Deloitte:  As the US economy continues to build positive momentum, it’s no surprise that private companies are adjusting their growth strategies to capitalize on a strengthening market for their goods and services. In fact, our most recent survey of mid-market executives last fall showed noticeable upticks across a broad sweep of indicators, from hiring plans to merger activity to global expansion.

The Number One Way to Destroy Your Private Company Wealth

From George Isaac via CNBC: Many privately held businesses unwittingly destroy shareholder wealth every year because of two easily reversed flaws.

First, most boards and CEOs focus only on operating entity results. They give priority to issues such as business strategies and plans, financial budgets, organizational issues and major transactions. They often select corporate ROE (return on equity) as a major metric, which is an appropriate element to consider.

The Growing Executive Compensation Advantage of Private Versus Public Companies

From Marc Hodak, Hodak Value Advisors and New York University’s Stern School of Business: The difference between public company and private company compensation plans can be subtle to outsiders. Both tend to offer cash salaries, cash bonus opportunities, and equity awards. Overall pay levels are comparable when adjusting for company size. But these similarities disguise significant differences in how public and private boards approach their respective compensation plans, especially variable compensation and incentives, and their resulting effectiveness.

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