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We have all seen the data and research on how board diversity improves the bottom line.
Seven private company boards were honored for their business governance excellence at the 2021 Private Company Governance Summit June 9-11, live online.
After a year of crises and disruption, it might seem like a relief to close the books on 2020 and pretend the nightmares of a global pandemic, social unrest and economic upheaval never happened.
In her early years as CEO of Midmark Corporation, a Dayton, Ohio-based global manufacturer and supplier of medical, dental and veterinary equipment and services, Anne Eiting Klamar would set goals
This could be the year of reckoning for climate change as politicians, investors and stakeholders-at-large are pushing for big change.
As demographics in the United States become increasingly diverse, forward-thinking boards are determining ways to achieve more diversity of background, experience and thought in the boardroom.
After a challenging 2020, most companies’ leadership and boards are immersed in and fully occupied with the near-term performance of the business.
Like most family businesses, Hussey Seating had a long history of family members serving as our CEO and board chair.
In the summer of 2020, Gallup polled Americans on their confidence in U.S. institutions and, unsurprisingly, the poll showed Americans lacked confidence in almost every one.
I wonder how long we are going to refer to our present as “unprecedented” or “life-changing.”

The Pepper Companies

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The Pepper Companies is one of the top builders of sustainable projects. They srve clients in a variety of markets including healthcare, education, commercial interiors, manufacturing and industrial, civic and cultural, data centers, entertainment, hospitality and gaming.

The Role of Minutes in Protecting Companies and Their Directors

A prominent Delaware judge once said, “Writing good minutes is like flossing; nobody likes to do it, but it is essential.” Clear, well-prepared minutes offer numerous benefits to a company and its directors and can help shield organizations from a host of pitfalls.

The Light Governance Touch

The board of Quarles Petroleum Inc. allowed management the time to create and execute a response to the pandemic.

Only a handful of companies had forecast and planned for the disruptive possibilities of a pandemic, and Quarles Petroleum Inc. was not one of them. Still, this family-owned fleet fueling and propane distribution business was able not only to survive COVID-19, but also to proceed full steam ahead on its five-year strategic plan and successfully complete an acquisition. Plus, it was able to fill an open board seat.

2019 Private Board Compensation and Governance Survey Results for Participants


Thank you for participating in this important survey, which was conducted by Private Company Director, Family Business Magazine and Compensation Advisory Partners.

614 usable responses were received (out of more than 750 total respondents). To be usable, a response needed to be at least 75% complete, non-duplicated by other respondents, and contain data in the proper formats.

What Will the Post-Pandemic Board of Directors Look Like?

Companies need boards built to exercise collaborative oversight with diverse skill sets.

The pandemic and other recent events are presenting new challenges for public and private companies alike, from supply chain risks to heightened shareholder concern about environmental, social and corporate governance issues. Many large organizations will need to rethink their board makeup in the new normal. The background experience and knowledge that have traditionally been sought after in board directors may not be sufficient to lead today's companies into the future.

This year, the Private Company Governance Summit looks at lessons learned in risk management and ESG over the past year and then explore how private company boards can become even more useful—and essential—to the success of the companies they serve.

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When an Owner Is a Reputational Risk

When the line between family and the business is crossed, the board can help solve possible problems.

Robert Unanue, the CEO of Goya Foods Inc., has made controversial public remarks that have led to calls for boycotts of the company’s products and to a vote for his censure from board members, who are all family-owners. 

Special Purpose Acquisition Companies: What Directors Should Know and Why

Special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) have become an increasingly popular route to the public markets, and they show no sign of slowing down. In 2020, SPACs netted record-breaking IPO proceeds of over $50 billion, and the more than 60 completed and announced SPAC mergers dwarfed the 21 and 22 seen in 2018 and 2019, respectively, based on public filings and assumed transaction sizes. If this trend continues, active and filed SPACs could result in more than 200 new public companies worth over $300 billion.

The Evolution of Enterprise Governance Across Generations
The Private Company Board Compensation Summary Report 2020

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