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Board members must follow the same cybersecurity standards as employees.
Digital transformations boost efficiency and increase revenue.
Nonprofit service can prepare directors for private company boards.
The better the introduction, the sooner the board member can make meaningful contributions.
Orienting the right people to your board bolsters retention efforts.
Know board resources and ask the right questions.
Optimize the board's time to create shareholder value.
Knowing board strengths and weaknesses adds company value.
Seasoned marketing professionals make the difference in a competitive marketplace.

A Rewarding Journey Toward Board Diversity

Over the winding road that is Commerce State Bank’s board evolution, we have come to see (and reap) the benefits of a knowledgeable, diverse board. 

In 2004, Tom Hopp, Dave Borchardt and I, founders of a new entity that would become Commerce State Bank, began a search process for directors to serve on a local board that would focus on attracting capital and clients from the community.

Joe Fazio is cofounder, chairman and CEO of Commerce State Bank in Cedarburg, Wisc.

The Right Motives

I am often asked by friends and colleagues how to get on a private company board. I recommend MLR Media’s educational modules and conferences, such as the Private Company Governance Summit, as well as those conducted by NACD and the Private Directors Association. These organizations, programs and conferences can help one build the foundational knowledge to be a successful director and serve as a network to source board opportunities.

Bill Rock is president of MLR Media.

Videra Health

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Videra Health is a remote patient monitoring video platform for behavioral health. The FDA-registered digital platform connects providers and patients anytime, anywhere between visits and post-discharge via written and video assessments.


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