Daniel Adams


Adams is the executive chairman and co-founder of NextWaveBio, a next-generation biotechnology enterprise developing safer, more affordable pharmaceuticals. Previously, he served as CEO then executive chairman of Protein Sciences Corp., a developer and manufacturer of vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics, including Flublok, a patented, first in class recombinant influenza vaccine, licenced in 2013. Earlier, he founded and managed several biotechnology companies including Biogen. 

  • March 2020

Added to: EpiVax Oncology Inc. - New York, NY

EpiVax Oncology is a precision cancer immunotherapy company, developing personal immunotheapies , customized and specifically designed for each patient's tumors, leveraging advances in next generation sequencing and computational immunology. Incorporated in 2017, privately held and based in New York City, EpiVax Oncology is a spin-out of EpiVax Inc.