Philip M. Pfeffer joins Board of Directors, an online collegiate recruiting platform used by colleges and universities to find high school and middle school performing fine arts students, announced the addition of Pfeffer to the board. Pfeffer served as president of Random House Inc. when it was sold in 1998 to Bertelsmann AG. Previously, he was EVP and a board member of Nashville-based Ingram Industries Inc., a Fortune 400 family business conglomerate with large interests in publishing and content distribution. founding partner and CEO Dr. Randall Bayne stated, “We are honored and excited to have Phil Pfeffer, a highly successful business and community leader, joining the Board of Directors.” Bayne further noted that, “Phil Pfeffer’s valuable leadership at the board level will certainly help our company to build upon the great successes our platform has achieved.”

Pfeffer, president and CEO of Treemont Capital Inc., serves as an adjunct graduate business professor and CEO-in-residence in Lipscomb’s College of Business. The Pfeffer’s have recently made a significant investment in the university’s business education and in recognition, Lipscomb’s College of Business officially established the Pfeffer Graduate School of Business, which houses all graduate business studies.