Sheena Iyengar joins the board of directors of Líders LLC

Sheena Iyengar has joined the board of directors of Líders LLC, which comes to market branded as Celectiv.
Iyengar is the S. T. Lee Professor at Columbia Business School and is one of the world’s experts on the topic of choice, which she has studied for more than 20 years: why people want choices, what affects the choices we make and how we can improve experiences with choosing, and the outcomes of choice. 
In 1998, she received the best dissertation award from the Society for Experimental Social Psychology for her work, Choice and its Discontents: a new look at the role of choice and intrinsic motivation.
In 2002, she was the only social scientist to receive the Presidential Early Career award from the office of the President and National Science Foundation for her research on cultural differences in decision-making. In 2012, she was honored with the Dean’s Award for Teaching Excellence at the Columbia Business School, where she teaches a core course on leadership and organizational change, and newly created course on innovation titled: "Think Bigger." 
Her book, The Art of Choosing, has been on numerous of best-seller lists, and was shortlisted for the 2010 Financial Times and Goldman Sachs’ Business Book of the Year Award, and was among the top 10 selling business books on Amazon that year.