Dr. Don Frail

SVP, Head of Research, Allergan

Irvine, CA


Frail joined Allergan in 2014, and currently serves as SVP, head of research, external science and innovation, and non-clinical and translational sciences. He has led the research, clinical pharmacology, toxicology and ADM departments to evaluate and implement partnerships and acquisitions across Allergan's four key therapeutic areas. Previously he was VP of science at AstraZeneca's new opportunities imed/emerging innovations unit. Earlier, he held various roles at Pfizer, including CSO, indications discovery unit, VP of biology, and site head St. Louis.

  • March 2020

Added to: Pandion Therapeutics Inc. - Cambridge, MA

Pandion Therapeutics is a biotechnology company developing modular protein therapeutics for autoimmune disease. Their modular biologics are designed to achieve lasting therapeutic outcomes for patients with autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.