New Issue: Private Company Director Magazine

New Issue: Private Company Director Magazine

Trust and Culture

Building confidence in the strategic value of independent directors.

By Eve Tahmincioglu


What Private Boards Can Learn From Public Boards

An interview with Dennis Chookazian, retired chairman and CEO of CNA Insurance Companies.

By Roger Nanney


The Board’s Role in Growth & Succession

A trustworthy board can impact a company’s future.

By April Hall


McDonald’s Veteran Relishes Private Boards

Andrew McKenna, chairman emeritus, offers governance tips for private companies.

By Barbara Spector


Making the Right Director Match

5 questions to ask.

By Jim McHugh and Dale E. Jones


Best Private Company Boards: 2017 Awards

High standards bolster bottom line.

By April Hall


Governance Success Recipe

Independent voices, innovative compensation and an eye on the future.

By Allison Jacobs


SPECIAL SECTION: Private Company Director
2017 Directors to Watch

Stalwarts of private company governance.

By Scott Chase


Taking the Heat Off the CEO

The board’s role in compensations, succession and talent oversight.

By Barbara Spector


Convincing the Family

An independent board can be a business boon.

By April Hall