Top 10 Articles of 2015

Top 10 Articles of 2015

The following is a list of the most-read content on our website in 2015. These articles continued to be of interest to Private Company Director Magazine readers last year. See below for a peek at what visitors to our site are clicking on.


Private Company Director Compensation
Results from a 2014 board compensation survey offer some benchmarks for private company owners and directors.


Best Practices for the Successful Private Board Meeting
A private board can’t do its job without a thoughtful approach to maximizing the effectiveness of board meetings.


What Private Company CEOs Want From Their Boards
Balancing shareholder and family interests with business goals is key an effective private company board.


Understanding the Difference Between Family-Owned and PEG-Owned Private Companies
Public companies have a well defined corporate governance structure that makes for certain uniformity among governance practices. What about the corporate governance of private companies?


Directors: Don’t Forget What Your Real Job Is
One of the key lessons that board members must learn is not to cross the line between governance and operations.


8 Tips for Selecting Board Members
Ray Zinn lends his expertise in how to select the right board members.


Case Study: Developing an Independent Family Business Board
Best practice for any family business seeking to transition to the next generation is establishing good governance that is appropriate for the particular circumstances of the family and its enterprise.


Private Equity-backed Company Boards Need Independent Directors
Without at least one disinterested director (and better to have two), the legal risks can be high.


Board Member Liability Under ERISA for Retirement Plans
Company officers and boards of directors are always focusing on cost-saving measures for their company as a way to maximize revenue, but those same company leaders often overlook cost-saving procedures to limit their own personal liability for the company’s retirement plans.


The Use and Value of Advisory Boards
An alternative to the fiduciary board, advisory boards can provide expertise and advice to the private company’s owners and management.