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Cynthia Watts

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€‹Director, Furst-McNess Company

Cynthia Watts is the CFO & General Counsel of Brighter and has over a decade of experience leading successful internet companies. She is a member of the Board of Directors of Furst-McNess Company, an independent agricultural company providing customized vitamin and mineral premix, commodity blends, and feed ingredients to the beef, dairy, poultry and swine industry throughout the United States and Canada. Cynthia is also a partner in Blue Waters Research LLC, and a managing director of eCompanies LLC, an internet incubator. Prior to her work with Brighter, she served as eCompanies’ Chief Operating Officer, as well as Managing Partner of eCompanies Venture Group, an internet venture capital fund. Businesses founded by eCompanies include, JAMDAT Mobile, and Boingo Wireless and USBX. eCompanies Venture Group was an early investor in LowerMyBills, Inc., as well as other digital media companies. Cynthia has also been a partner in a private equity firm specializing in retail and consumer manufacturing companies, and SVP and General Counsel to a publicly traded national retail company. She holds honors degrees from Yale College and Harvard Law School, and lives in Santa Monica with her husband and sons.

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