Roger Koch

Principal and Co-Chairman, Koch Development Company

Roger, along with his brother, Paul, grew up in a home building tradition. Their grandfather and father were both home builders. While still in college the brothers each formed their own businesses and started building homes themselves. Between classes at Washington University in St Louis they would drive down to the subdivisions and check on the status of homes under construction, meet with subcontractors, and do whatever pickups the crew needed for the job to run smoothly.
After undergraduate and graduate schools, Roger (BSBA and MBA) and Paul (BSBA, MBA and Law degree) spent several years in the Air Force in the late 1960’s. By 1970 both were back in St Louis, consolidated their individual businesses into one and have moved forward together for the past 50 years.
Throughout this period they occupied top executive positions in their companies and were truly owner-operators. However, around the year 2000 they realized that they needed a new model for running the company that included the inclusion of a senior executive core that could take the burden of day to day management off the shoulders of the brothers and their wives (who were always active in the business). They also decided that an advisory board could bring new thinking to the company and help in shaping the strategic path forward. 
Subsequently, after attending The Private Company Governance Summit in 2013 the family decided that the next step was to form a legal board which they did in 2013. The legal board now plays a very active leadership role for the shareholders and company. Since its formation they have led the way to a more efficient and focused company. The shareholders have given the board real authority and supported their efforts.
This transition of the company has allowed the family to pursue philanthropic activities. Roger and Fran (Roger’s wife) have education, medicine and housing as philanthropic interests. Currently, among several not for profits they support are the Assisi House’s in St Louis that provide small setting housing for the homeless transitioning to self-supporting community members. In addition, they have just recently, along with Paul and Elke Koch (Paul’s wife), established the Koch Center for Family Business and an Endowed Professorship in Family Business at Washington University in St. Louis. They have also provided funds for an Endowed Professorship in Law and Medicine also at Washington University in St. Louis.
Roger holds BSBA and MBA degrees from Washington University in St. Louis. He served as an officer in the United States Air Force specializing in logistical systems auditing. He is a Life Member (CPM) of the Institute of Real Estate Management and has extensive professional education including all course work required for the MAI designation. Roger served as Chairman of the Board of Mark Twain South County Bank for 16 years and was a member of the Mark Twain St. Louis Bank board. He has served as member and President of the Crossroads School Board, member of the board of the Purnell School in Pottersville, N.J and board member for Archways, a drug and alcoholic rehabilitation center for patients unable to afford care in traditional settings, as well as in various leadership capacities in his church.