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Our Board Evolution: The board supported the family through the loss of their leader.

Like most family businesses, Hussey Seating had a long history of family members serving as our CEO and board chair. That all changed in the spring of 2016, when my cousin, Timothy — our sixth-generation CEO, chair of the board and leader of the family — passed at age 59 after a two-year battle with cancer. We were faced with losing the key person who ran the business, the board and the family.

Navigate the Aftermath of a Workplace Investigation

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Boards can help companies recover from dispute among workers.

Boards should be familiar with their companies’ policies concerning workplace investigations, including what happens when allegations are or are not supported by the evidence. Board members can help guide management toward a smooth post-investigation resolution between the involved parties. They can also recommend proactive measures that can lessen the chances of conflict between employees, such as training and team-building activities.

Xenon arc

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Xenon arc is a technology-enabled services provider to the food and beverage, industrial, and chemical industries.

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